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About Us

We started this Website in the mid-90s due to a lack of information on microcaps. Today there are a number of ways to research truly active smaller companies. Since it is becoming increasingly easy to distinguish those microcap companies who have something to offer, we look forward to more and more investor interest in this sector. Overall, we plan to keep a sensible, basic approach to investment research.

Our Founder:

Alan Handly received a BS in business with major in accounting from the University of Kansas (top 2%). After graduation he worked as an auditor for a major CPA firm. Next he accumulated 15 years of sales management experience with NYSE investment banking firms. Subsequently he spent six years as a director of investor relations for public companies on the NYSE and NASDAQ. Two of these companies were in the oil and gas field and one was a manufacturer of medical devices. During this time, Alan won several awards for annual reports. He also created investor presentations for the companies and presented them in all major U. S. financial centers as well as the UK and France.

Alan began an investor relations company in 1983 to provide support services to IR professionals. With the advent of the Web, the company became known as Since their introduction in 1984, the “Fastest-Growing Companies” investor relations programs received wide acclaim from leading Wall Street and public relations executives.

What We Offer: is a division of Inc. (WSC). Drawing from its founder’s 15 years of sales management experience with NYSE investment banking firms and 6 years as a financial public relations executive for substantial growth companies, the firm is a recognized leader in providing support services to investor relations professionals. Since its introduction in 1984, the “Fastest-Growing Companies in America Program” (FGA) has received wide acclaim from leading public relations executives throughout the nation. The FGA Program specializes in showcasing small-to-large-cap growth companies listed on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ exchanges, presenting them to investors in print and on the Web . Some of our best-know alumni are: Amgen; Applied Materials; Biogen; BMC Software; Cooper Companies, The; Genentech; General Dynamics,; Medtronic; Motorola, and Rent-A-Center.

With the development of the Internet as a vital media outlet, WSC became a world leader in providing convenient, free access to all the important financial data on the Internet. In 1993, WSC established one of the first Web servers providing investment information to millions of online investors. From the beginning, WSC’s information on small companies was a popular area of the Website. Recognizing a lack of organized research on smaller companies, in 1998 the company created, a sister Website devoted specifically to this group.

Our colleagues at investor relations companies often asked if we had a specialized IR program for smaller companies, similar to the “Fastest-Growing Companies in America Program” but tailored to microcap interests. In 2003, the answer became “Yes”. We found that there was a need for exceptional small companies to draw attention to themselves and to distinguish themselves from the many dormant and shell companies cluttering the market. Many of the companies in past FGA programs have gone on to become national leaders and many of our Microcap Leaders have gone on to higher exchanges and/or were bought out or became small-to-large cap companies.

The IR Dream Team is a sponsor of the Microcap Leaders investor relations program and provides specialized support services to leading investor relations firms that do quality investor relations work for small companies (although some of them also service larger companies). The IR Dream Team services a very few, highly select, microcap and mid-cap companies. The team normally takes on no more than two clients a year. The majority of companies that contact the IR Dream team for its services are referred to our recommended list of quality investor relations firms.