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US Markets

The main US Markets and Exchanges which trade Microcap Stocks are:


Run by This is their highest tier. Companies must meet certain standards to be listed. Many of these companies, especially the foreign ones, are large, established companies rather than Microcaps.


Run by This is their middle tier. Companies do not need to meet qualitative standards but must be reporting to the SEC.

Pink Sheets

Run by This is their speculative marketplace. Within this category are several more tiers. Pink Sheets companies choose the level of information they provide to investors and may have current, limited or no public disclosure.


Run by NASDAQ. Almost all of these stocks also appear on the OTCQB Tier at Companies do not need to meet qualitative standards but must be reporting to the SEC.NASDAQNASDAQ’s third and lowest tier, NASDAQ Capital Market, has listing requirements that a number of well-established microcap companies can meet. There are about 1,700 microcaps on NASDAQ.


The American Stock Exchange has been bought by the NYSE and is now NYSE Amex Equities. Historically, requirements for their lowest listing tier have been lenient enough that a few high-quality, well-established microcaps have qualified to be traded on this exchange. There are about 300 Microcaps on the AMEX many are banks.


There are almost no microcaps which qualify to be listed on the NYSE. There are a few exceptions, technically; however these companies are generally well-established rather than startups many are banks.

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