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Beverage and Food Stocks

By on March 25, 2013

Bill The Butcher, Inc. (BILB)

Phone: 425-949-8277

Bill the Butcher believes in supporting sustainable farming practices and working with local farmers and ranchers who raise beef, pork and poultry without hormones, steroids and genetically modified feed. We also feature open pastured organic and natural grass fed beef that has not been artificially and intentionally fattened on corn. This gentle and natural diet creates meat that is high in Omega 3 and 6 essential oils and is far healthier than traditional beef raised in a feedlot.

UFood Restaurant Group, Inc. (UFFCQ)

Phone: 617.787.6000

Our mission at UFood Grill is to provide great tasting, better-for-you options for people who want good food, fast. There’s a growing health crisis in this country. Obesity and heart disease have reached epidemic proportions. The need for better nutrition is all over the media and supported by government and community leaders. Today, smart consumers are beginning to look for more. More taste from healthier alternatives – in their homes, in their schools and on-the-run. It’s the beginning of a food revolution, and UFood Grill is leading the way.

Inventure Foods, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNAK)
Phone: 623-932-6200

Inventure Foods, Inc., is a marketer and manufacturer of healthy/all natural and indulgent specialty snack food brands. The Company operates in three segments: manufactured snack products, berry products and distributed products. The manufactured snack products segment produces potato chips, potato crisps and potato skins for sale primarily to snack food distributors and retailers. The berry products segment produces frozen berries for sale primarily to groceries and mass merchandisers

Tofutti Brands Inc. (AMEX: TOF)
Phone: 908-272-240

Tofutti Brands Inc. (Tofutti) is engaged in the development, production and marketing of TOFUTTI brand nondairy frozen desserts and other food products. TOFUTTI products are nondairy, soy-based products which contain no butterfat, cholesterol or lactose. Its products are 100% milk free and offer the same texture and full-bodied taste as their dairy counterparts. The Company’s products are also free of cholesterol.

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